Valores milenarios, educación para el futuro.
Millenary values, education for the future.

.ערכי המילניום, חינוך לעתיד

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About us

The Colegio Estado de Israel is an institution that belongs to the Jewish community and receives students of various faiths from Paraguayan society. Our proposal aims at the moral formation of citizens committed to their history, their present and their future. Jewish education is essentially humanistic, enriching any educational experience by putting universal values into practice: man's responsibility for his actions and for building a more just world.

We also offer:

Sistema de seguridad de última tecnología

State of the art security system

Aulas con equipamiento y material didáctico de avanzada

Classrooms with advanced equipment and teaching material

 Educación personalizada

Personalized education

 Encuentros de crianza y de apoyo a padres.

Parenting and support meetings for parents.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we want to hear from you.


(0985) 444070 / (021) 602462 / 624-621


Avda. Santísimo Sacramento c/ Nuestra Señora del Carmen

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