CEI inaugurates first STEAM Lab in Paraguay

With the collaboration of J.Fleischman and Ricoh Latin America, the State of Israel College inaugurated the first STEAM Lab in Paraguay. This new initiative improves the educational experience in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

The STEAM Lab proposes integrated projects between the disciplines, starting from the implementation of logical thinking and making use of creativity to solve problems. Some key points are: The discussion of ideas, teamwork, a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective, computational thinking, the proposal of hypothetical frameworks and solution prototypes. 

The STEAM LAB of the State of Israel College is made up of:

For the State of Israel College, it is essential that students access present and future technologies, and that they develop skills such as communication, creativity, teamwork and critical thinking, essential to promote their leadership. The CEI academic program evolves hand in hand with technology and towards digital transformation. We are not left behind and we provide students with a teaching that looks to the future.

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