Official Studies

The Official Studies proposal puts the student as the protagonist and challenges him in his learning. The educational proposal is intense and attractive, aimed at responding to the challenges of the knowledge society.

The central axis is the student, active subject of their learning. Values such as responsibility towards study, autonomous and cooperative work, and reflection on one's own learning are promoted. Based on the premise that change is the constant, students are given the tools to function in a diverse and fast-paced context.

Project work begins at the Initial Level and continues throughout the College. This gives relevance and at the same time meaning to learning. The literature program includes the reading of various issues throughout the year, to which are added the proposals for "summer reading" for each grade. The mathematics area starts from problem solving and develops strategic and lateral thinking. The participation of students in Olympic Games at a national and international level has earned the CEI great distinctions. The area of natural sciences seeks to understand the world through questions that are discovered from learning.

The "Spring Festival", the interactive science and technology fair, is a sample of the impact of science and the values of men in the world. The social sciences inquire into the roots of the students, in their history and in the history of their societies. The decisions made by men in each period are addressed, developing critical thinking.

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