Área de Inglés

The institutional bilingual project focuses on a communicative approach for the student; it seeks to advance the acquisition of the foreign language, while strengthening the mother tongue process. Learning is playful and dynamic, enriching their sociocultural environment and simultaneously developing the four basic language skills in English: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The integration of English with other areas of
Knowledge strengthens the foreign language acquisition process through content articulation and transversal management of English. Reading and comprehension of texts is developed through literary and informative texts.

The State of Israel College participates in Cambridge International Accreditations from 6th grade. Other notable activities in the area are: Spelling Bee, Home Reading Programme, Book Week, Immersion Program (full immersion in the English language with native teachers), General Knowledge Competition. 

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Nido Espacio de Encuentro de mamás con bebés (6 a 18 meses)


The kindergarten

The objectives of these rooms are related to the development and characteristics of children, language development, the first links of socialization, play, knowledge of the world through experiences, valuing each achievement of growth.


The kindergarten

Communication in different languages, scientific experiences, literature, rule games, the use of numbers in game situations, technology are some of the fundamental thematic axes of this level. 


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