Our history

The State of Israel College (CEI) opened its doors more than 60 years ago, in order to provide quality education, transmit the values of the Jewish tradition and offer a framework of security and support for students and their families. At the time located in a building in the center of the city and thanks to the joint work of volunteers and professionals, the CEI earned a prominent place within the educational environment, with graduates who have stood out in the university context. In a world of so many changes and recognizing the need to adapt to them, the CEI assumes an important challenge: The refoundation of the College based on the new educational paradigms. Then, at the end of 2009, its re-foundation materialized with the move to an area in full development of the city, the Barrio Herrera, and becoming a Bilingual English school open to society. This change is carried out with the systematic advisory work of the Tarbut Argentina School, who trains, provides the programs, audits and guarantees educational quality.

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